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Breanne, Apartment Owner 

 Keelan & his team are wonderful.  They clean my investment property weekly, and have turned my new purchase into a clean and inviting paradise that my tenants love.  Thanks guys! 

Fern Plant

 Anna, Homeowner 

 Keelan & Newt Gardens are fantastic.  They have partnered with me to transform both my front and back yards. Keelan knows plants, knows pests, and has a beautiful eye for design. The team has done everything, from picking out and placing plants, bringing fledgling plants back to life, weeding, mulching, installing planter boxes, and clearing dirt. They are professional, reliable, and fun.


Cherlyn, Garden Lover

Keelan has been working with my property for a few years now and it has been transformed, no longer the postage stamp of landscaping but a flourishing personality of beauty.

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