Keelan F.
Founder, Head Gardener

Hi, I'm Keelan! Gardening is my passion.  I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, and come from a family of farmers and growers, so I have extensive knowledge on what makes plants tick--especially the native ones!

Mike L.
Founder, Business Manager 

Hi I'm Mike! I've always enjoyed growing my own fruits and veggies, and am passionate about sustainable farming and gardening.  With prior experience in running a local business, I understand the value of customer satisfaction--I'm here to make sure each and every Newt Gardens client has a beautiful garden and a happy home! 

David K.
Operations Lead, Builder

Hi, I'm David!  I'm from Soquel, and I've always love the local flora and environment.  I take pride in doing a good job and making sure each and every customer is satisfied with the quality of our work.

Jordan C.

Hi. I’m Jordan. I spend a lot of my spare time in nature where the air is cleaner. I believe in hard work, perseverance, and taking pride in doing a good job. I take diligent care in making sure the work I do reflects excellence in the eyes of the customer and myself.

Sarah D.

I'm Sarah! I am studying environmental sciences at UCSC.  I enjoy learning new things and protecting the environment.  

Austin L.

Hi, my name is Austin, and I am from Maryland. I’m 20 years old and love to travel. During my travels often times I would gaze at the beautiful landscapes and take pictures. I always wondered what it would be like to create an artistic landscape from nothing, and Newt Gardens definitely fulfills that vision of mine.

Samantha H.

I'm Sam! I love nature and working in the garden.  I'm a hard worker and appreciate paying attention to detail.  I also enjoy music, animals, and enjoying the sun.

Resident Woofer

Lani is our lovable lapdog.  Expertise includes bork varieties, behind-the-ear scratches, and chasing butterflies.