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Keelan F.
Founder, Head Gardener

Hi, I'm Keelan, head gardener at Newt. I've been gardening all my life, fascinated with plants and animals. My family has been in Santa Cruz for four generations, so growing up I learned much about what I do from them. When I started Newt Gardens, it was with the goal of protecting the environment and making Santa Cruz a more beautiful place one yard at a time. I want to see the local ecosystem flourish at it's highest potential. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than seeing the life a good garden can bring into the world! 

Mike L.
Founder, Business Manager 

Hi I'm Mike! I've always enjoyed growing my own fruits and veggies, and am passionate about sustainable farming and gardening.  With prior experience in running a local business, I understand the value of customer satisfaction--I'm here to make sure each and every Newt Gardens client has a beautiful garden and a happy home! 

Annika M.
Project Manager

Hi Im Annika


Hi, I'm Emily. I believe that happy and healthy gardens benefit the community as well as our local ecosystems, and I am happy to be a part of that work at Newt Gardens! 

Jordan C.

Hi. I’m Jordan. I spend a lot of my spare time in nature where the air is cleaner. I believe in hard work, perseverance, and taking pride in doing a good job. I take diligent care in making sure the work I do reflects excellence in the eyes of the customer and myself.


Hi, Im Kai


Hi, I’m Oakley, and I believe in working hard to make the world a better place. I value our environment, community, and capacity for joy, and I think gardening is a spectacular way to practice mindfulness through sustainability while creating happiness and beauty that actually grows! 

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