Newt Gardens’ mission is to conserve the unique Santa Cruz coastal ecosystem through growing healthy and happy garden environments.

Our Values

  • Utilize natural and natives species, and fight the invasive ones.  The Santa Cruz ecosystem is ripe with natural wonders, and harnessing these species will create sustainable gardens.

  • Provide health and happiness.  A garden should bring joy to its owners and strangers alike.  

  • Keep Santa Cruz Weird.  We believe in implementing unique, charming gardens with character over mundane, cookie-cutter landscapes.

  • Encourage growing produce.  We take the term “reaping what you sow” very seriously-- yards should not only produce happiness, but flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. nothings better than a dinner made of fresh vegetables picked from your own backyard.

  • Respect the integrity of the natural world. We believe in working with nature to produce beautiful gardenscapes, while still maintaining tidy, well-kept locales.  We use natural and organic methods to fertilize and temper gardens.

  • Steward and protect the earth’s resources.  We are fully committed to ethical business practices that ensure an economically healthy organization.