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  About Us   

Newt Gardens is a full-service gardening and groundskeeping company.  We specialize in creating and maintaining beautiful gardens by utilizing a mix of local flora to encourage natural habitats.

Newt Gardens’ mission is to conserve the unique Santa Cruz coastal ecosystem through growing healthy and happy garden environments.

Our Values

  • Utilize natural and natives species, and fight the invasive ones.  The Santa Cruz ecosystem is ripe with natural wonders, and harnessing these species will create sustainable gardens.

  • Provide health and happiness.  A garden should bring joy to its owners and strangers alike.  

  • Keep Santa Cruz Weird.  We believe in implementing unique, charming gardens with character over mundane, cookie-cutter landscapes.

  • Encourage growing produce.  We take the term “reaping what you sow” very seriously-- yards should not only produce happiness, but flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. nothings better than a dinner made of fresh vegetables picked from your own backyard.

  • Respect the integrity of the natural world. We believe in working with nature to produce beautiful gardenscapes, while still maintaining tidy, well-kept locales.  We use natural and organic methods to fertilize and temper gardens.

  • Steward and protect the earth’s resources.  We are fully committed to ethical business practices that ensure an economically healthy organization. 

Why  is it Important?

Santa Cruz and the surrounding areas are home to beautiful and unique ecosystems. Its our job to treat the land with respect, and there is a lot we can do to minimize our impact. Lively and sustainable landscapes have been proven to benefit flora, fauna, and the mind. 

  • Happy gardens are a sanctuary for pollinators. Taking steps towards a sustainable garden will increase abundance and species richness in native bees. Butterflies, birds, and insects will thank you too!

  • Native plants don't need as much water or maintenance to thrive. Natives also tend to require less pesticides and chemicals, meaning your soil will benefit in the long run. 


  • Spending more time in green spaces is beneficial for all aspects of our health. Sustainable gardens are not only benefit our ecosystems, but give a boost to our memory, creativity, and overall well-being.

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